Facebook threw a fit

So I tried to upload this but Facebook’s complex image filter algorithms decided it wasn’t a chocolate Santa but something much more devious. So much so that I was logged out and had to log in again.

On logging in I was told I had to prove myself as human so captcha image was completed and then I had to prove myself as Jim so I had to identify ten photo’s of people on my friends list (some were baby photo’s and I had no idea).

Then it sent me on a quest to snatch the holy grail carved by the hands of Jesus from the jaws of a 20 foot long hungry alligator before swimming the length of the Amazon river blindfolded. Don’t get me started on the half mile walk over hot coals I had to complete (too much Facebook, why can’t you believe I’m Jim, I know his password).

Just to make sure I’d not made a mistake I opened the photo in Photoshop, saved it as the most basic .JPG file type I could muster and re-uploaded it to ensure I wasn’t making things up. I was automatically logged out again. I had to put in my mobile number, receive a text message verification code to get into my account and read some spiel about community guidelines for what you can and can’t share on Facebook. ¬†What? It’s a chocolate Santa…

Anyway, here’s the image I tried (and was not allowed) to upload on Facebook indicating that some poor programmer at Facebook HQ had the job of building a program that makes sure you don’t upload cock pics to Facebook. What a job. Suddenly mine doesn’t seem to bad….

Happy Xmas All





Crowd of morons gather in the rain to see smoke coming out of a chimney change colour. The last pope had started using twitter but for some reason the incredibly forward thinking Catholic Church still use smoke signals in the 21st Century. Amazing. Also worth noting the last Pope following Jesus example of living a life of poverty by departing in a helicopter that cost millions of Euro’s to fund.