Thoughts on Apple and their rock star keynote speeches.

Am I the only one who watched the first iPhone announcement all those years ago and saw a dude who looked like Skeletor basically telling the entire world to “Obey” and buy his products? 

Am I the only one who ran out, kicked ass and chewed gum but ran outta gum? 

Guess so. Just upgraded to Sony Xperia SP and it’s pretty awesome despite a lack of flash support it’s the mutts nutts and not proprietary or in anyway locked so you have to pay Apple to do stuff to it if you choose. I even developed an app for my stag weekend on my old Android. OK it was a shitty app (but it was Purple and therefore any criticism is invalid because: PURPLE) it wasn’t difficult and I didn’t need a license to do it. So yeah, Obey; buy Apple products if you wish. Have they announced a new phone or something? I’ve not been paying attention.