Facebook threw a fit

So I tried to upload this but Facebook’s complex image filter algorithms decided it wasn’t a chocolate Santa but something much more devious. So much so that I was logged out and had to log in again.

On logging in I was told I had to prove myself as human so captcha image was completed and then I had to prove myself as Jim so I had to identify ten photo’s of people on my friends list (some were baby photo’s and I had no idea).

Then it sent me on a quest to snatch the holy grail carved by the hands of Jesus from the jaws of a 20 foot long hungry alligator before swimming the length of the Amazon river blindfolded. Don’t get me started on the half mile walk over hot coals I had to complete (too much Facebook, why can’t you believe I’m Jim, I know his password).

Just to make sure I’d not made a mistake I opened the photo in Photoshop, saved it as the most basic .JPG file type I could muster and re-uploaded it to ensure I wasn’t making things up. I was automatically logged out again. I had to put in my mobile number, receive a text message verification code to get into my account and read some spiel about community guidelines for what you can and can’t share on Facebook.  What? It’s a chocolate Santa…

Anyway, here’s the image I tried (and was not allowed) to upload on Facebook indicating that some poor programmer at Facebook HQ had the job of building a program that makes sure you don’t upload cock pics to Facebook. What a job. Suddenly mine doesn’t seem to bad….

Happy Xmas All



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