National Shut the Hell Up Day

There are too many National Something days, we’ve had National Daughter Day, National Hug a stranger day (which could all too easily become National Get Arrested / Hit with pepper spray for misinterpreted intention Day), and National Quit Smoking Month. Today is apparently National Coming Out Day so I’m using this as opportunity to come out as a guy sick of all these National Something Days, cut it out.

Remember Warhol saying in the future everybody will be famous for 15 minutes? He meant that fame wouldn’t mean anything if everybody had, or would be, famous at some point. Same goes for these National crapola days. Cut it out internet, you’re bad enough without telling us we have to talk like a pirate on a certain day when I am a pirate and talk like one every day. Yes, I’m telling off the internet, I think it needs to spend some time in it’s room and think about what it’s done.


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